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South Movies - February 26, 2022

Valimai movie review: Ajith, Kartikeya face off in H Vinoth’s ineffective film with interesting ideas

H Vinoth exchanges the grounded authenticity of his predecessor work for glitzy, gimmicky action which ends being a kitsch aggregate of sensibilities

H Vinoth’s Valimai aspires to be a form of things. On one hand, it wishes to be a slick action-drama, Mission Very unlikely-trend. It moreover wishes to accommodate deep ideological conflicts. However it moreover doesn’t fully let run of its industrial roots. So while we admire gigantic, high-octane stunt pieces the assign guns and tech are free-flowing, we moreover admire celebratory dance numbers and an over-emphatic must negate ‘messages’ to the target audience. Valimai tries to make exclaim of the thoroughly of every worlds but ends up being a kitsch aggregate of sensibilities.

Valimai reimagines Chennai as an Indian version of Gotham. Exploiting the rampant unemployment and substance abuse, an organised syndicate of bikers ravages the metropolis with the holy triumvirate of crimes — theft, tablets, and execute. A anxious commissioner appears for a ‘trim cop’ and finds a khaki crusader in biker grew to turn into police officer Arjun (Ajith Kumar). His investigation leads us exact into a world of stolen bikes, the dark web, tablets, and hitmen.

H Vinoth’s narratives are known to be files-heavy. Each and each Theeran Adhigaram Ondru and Sathuranga Vettai took us into fresh worlds. In a manner, Valimai completes his ‘crime trilogy’ — three tales of creative criminals who exclaim uncommon the trend to achieve their attain. However Vinoth exchanges the grounded authenticity of Theeran and Sathuranga Vettai for glitzy, gimmicky action in Valimai. With Ajith’s history as a racer, Valimai’s stunts had been pegged to be the film’s most enchanting trump card. And they don’t fail. Clarify and innovatively staged and shot, Valimai’s action sequences are gloriously over-the-top.

Valimai does subvert among the superstar automobile tropes of Tamil cinema. First, it has a stable villain succesful ample to raise the hero in a important fight; Kartikeya is somewhat efficient. Second, the ladies are no longer as romantic pursuits or sources of dramatic relief. And fortuitously, this medication is no longer restricted to the female lead. However the biggest of all is the protagonist himself. Arjun is a refreshing mixture of brain and brawn. Arjun’s understated persona fits Ajith successfully — the film has ample parallels to fabricate the persona feel cherish an extension of his true-existence persona.

However it’s the emotional account that fails to worth. The first half of performs out cherish a montage — dishing out files at destroy-neck accelerate. There’s no get 22 situation to breathe, and even lesser time to fancy its folks. The recommendations retains the viewer engaged but no longer invested. Even the visuals select to no longer linger on faces, and focal level extra on their actions, robbing any conception of sentimentality.

Whereas here’s efficient for a phrase thriller, it becomes a instruct when Valimai transforms into an emotional drama in the 2nd half of. The interpersonal relationships and dynamics feel cherish generic placeholders, and it doesn’t abet that the dialogues sound equally contrived.

Here’s despite getting an fascinating conflict of ideologies on the centre. The leader of Devil Slaves, repeatedly known as Chief (Kartikeya), is a rational egotist. He believes that pursuing one’s happiness, at any worth, is the most enchanting purpose in existence. He locations the particular particular person on the forefront — no longer the society or every other collective. Chief argues that if somebody loses one thing, they’re no longer kindly of possession in the first get 22 situation — survival of the fittest in the literal sense of energy. (It is a long way clever that H Vinoth wished Kartikeya to read Ayn Rand’s Fountainhead to fancy Chief’s ideology.)

With Arjun, Vinoth reminds us that there could be an evolutionary purpose for man to be a social animal. It’s a pity that Valimai doesn’t discover this in embellished detail and is whisper material with dishing out platitudes. To no longer present an clarification for, it falls prey to one among Tamil cinema’s most celebrated and outdated trope — pesiye thirutharadhu — the assign the hero manages to reform the spoiled guys with sincere one monologue.

As I walked out of Valimai, I couldn’t abet but wonder the map in which it could presumably well presumably had been if it used to be conceived as a web based assortment. Stripped of the industrial necessities, the format would admire moreover provided Vinoth to delve deeply into the sphere of the dark web and narcissistic cults. The commentary on police justice and custodial torture can admire moreover been extra intricate. However as a film, Valimai bites bigger than it will chew.

Valimai is playing in Indian cinemas.

Ashameera Aiyappan is a film journalist who writes about Indian cinema with a spotlight on South Indian movies.

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